Elite Property Services pride themselves in finding their tenants properties which cater for their monthly budget. With a data base of over 550 Landlords tenants simply register -FREE OF CHARGE their details with Elite Property Services and immediately these details are collated and sent to the Landlords who have registered their properties fitting the criteria ‘its as simple as that’ ………..

Viewing a Property:

Being an ‘Independent’ agent benefits the tenant as Elite Property Services can arrange viewings between 10am and 9pm 7 days a week, which means all the family can view the property at the same time and no need to take time off work

Application for a Tenancy: 

Once you have chosen the property you’d like to rent, you will be required to complete a confidential application on line, this application will deal with personal and financial details. To complete the application we will need to see supporting documents so we can complete the process –

  • Photo Driving License / Passport
  • A utility bill no more than 3 months old or
  • A recent Council Tax Bill or
  • A recent mobile phone Bill or
  • A signed and dated letter from your employer showing your name and position within the company and current salary

Your Financial Implications for Renting a Property:

In most normal circumstances you would be required to pay one months rent in advance, a Deposit equivalent to a months rent and Agency Fees – these fees are illustrated under the page ‘Fees’ on this web site and is a ‘one off’ payment’ and it includes ‘credit referencing’

Tenancy Agreement:

You will be offered a 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement under part 1 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended under part 3 of the Housing Act 1996 – after which the contract roles on each month under the same terms and conditions of the original contract. Most properties are ‘Let’ unfurnished however in the event of a furnished property being ‘Let’ then a full inventory will be made and you would be required to sign against the furnishings and their condition. A tenancy is normally broken by the landlord giving 2 months clear calendar ‘Notice’ and a tenant giving 1 months clear calendar ‘Notice’, however there are other conditions which may determine ‘Notices’ being issued by the landlord eg – non payment of rent or other breaches which are clearly defined in the contract. Elite Property Services have provided a copy of the agreement on this web site for tenants to view.  If you need help understanding your Tenancy Agreement Elite Property Services are always here to explain and help you – its an important document so you do need to understand what your signing


The deposit is normally equivalent to one months rent ( plus pet deposit if required ), and is payable with the first months rent. The preferred method of payment is by bank Direct Debit transfer. Cheques are acceptable however the funds must have cleared prior to the first day of occupation, we recommend in this case that a cheque is paid at least 7 days before the proposed commencement of the tenancy. Elite Property Services are registered members of the DPS (Deposit Protection Service), a government authorised scheme which will hold and protect your deposit for the duration of your tenancy. Information about the DPS is available at:

Rental Payments:

All rents are payable in advance by Direct Debit and are due in cleared funds on the same day of the month as the commencement of the Agreement. Therefore your bank transfer should normally be dated a few days earlier

Return of your Deposit:

Tenants have a responsibility to leave the property in the same condition as at the start of the tenancy. The cost of any damage or deterioration which has occurred during the tenancy term, with the exception of ‘fair wear and tear’, will be deducted from the deposit unless remedied by the tenant. The deposit is then refundable providing your rent is paid up to date and ALL utility and associated bills have been settled – proof will be asked for. In addition – the property needs to be seen that it has been well maintained and thoroughly cleaned throughout including the carpets / cooker / garden etc.

For further information we suggest you go to our ‘FAQ’ page on this web site, which deals with other questions which tenants have asked.

Elite Property Services ‘customer charter’ is to offer their tenants a professional, helpful and bespoke service.

If you’d like to register your details with Elite Property Services they will then be sent directly to Landlords who too have registered their properties in the area and price bracket your looking for.