Follow checklist to ensure full return of deposit, this also applies for those with no deposit, an invoice will be issued after vacating.


NOTICE – Tenants should give 1 MONTHS notice before leaving. All rents to be paid up to date, any amount owing will be deducted.

CARPETS – Must be clean and vacuumed, £10 per stain will be deducted, if a whole carpet is dirty £100 will be deducted from each room to cover the cost of a replacement. For those who have cats or dogs the carpets must be professionally cleaned before moving out or a charge of £35 will be deducted.

BATHROOMS – Toilet, bath and basins must be thoroughly cleaned and bleached before leaving. No scum around taps, baths or tiles.

KITCHEN – Cupboards should be spotlessly clean inside and out, walls washed down, all grease removed, floors scrubbed including grout on tiled floors, electric sockets cleaned, behind cookers, if cookers are supplied they must be scrubbed inside and out. Including grill pans.

PAINTWORK – All paintwork and skirtings should be washed down, badly decorated rooms will have £100 per room deducted. Holes in walls such as picture hooks, shelves removed etc. should be filled in and sanded. All woodwork should be cream or white, walls in pastel or pales colours. If wallpaper is used, it should be done to a high standard or £100 will be deducted per room to cover the cost of redecoration.

RUBBISH – All rubbish should be removed from the property, or there will be a charge of £30 per bin or £150 per skip.

WINDOWS – Broken glass in windows and doors should be replaced, if we have to do this it will be whatever the glazier charges.


OUTSIDE – All rubbish to be removed, grass cuts, paths brushed, shed and garages cleared.



HOUSING BENEFIT – Deposits are paid back when all rent payments have been received from the council and are up to date of vacating the property.

Please note – No deposit is paid back before tenant have moved out.